Natalie Joy

Contributing Author

Natalie Joy currently lives in Atlanta, GA where she moved 5 years ago for warm weather and a cute boy (she married that cute boy a little over a year and a half ago). He has been her very best friend and biggest cheerleader pushing her daily to dream bigger and pursue her God-sized dreams. After 15 years in the corporate world coaching, speaking and training, Natalie took a leap of faith to start,Defining Your Joy. A company that works exclusively with women who have a dream but lack the motivation, accountability or strategy to make their dream a profitable reality. Her company comes along side these women daily through One-on-One coaching, Virtual Group Coaching, and Workshops. Natalie’s passion doesn’t stop there. A portion of every dollar brought into Defining Your Joy goes to help women that have overcome situations on trafficking all over the world. These incredible women are learning to dream again or maybe for the first time. She invites you to connect with her at Defining Your Joy, Facebook and Twitter.