Celeste Barnard

Contributing Author

Celeste Barnard is an extrovert by nature but secretly has some introvert tendencies. Originally from Northern California, she and her Texas husband have been in ministry and married for almost 18 years. Together, they have 3 teens and a fat little Pug named Latte. She is a writer and a speaker who is passionate about sharing with others what God has done in her life. She believes God does not waste one ounce of our pain- our stories are redeemed for His glory. She also is passionate about women being brave because when we’re brave we give others permission to be brave too. She has written a devotional called ‘Reflections’, and a ‘Be Your Best Brave’ Journal, and she has a podcast on iTunes called ‘Be Your Best Brave’. She is also in the process of writing her next book, Brave Dreams. She and her husband have recently embarked on a God-Sized Dream. They started a non-profit called Big Red Ministries (BigRedMinistries.org). They do camps, retreats, and events year-round. You can find her at celestebarnard.com. She is also a contributing writer for Rio Grande Valley Moms Blog and Gateway Women’s Blog.